Getting Published as Interior Designer 

How Interior Designer can get published in a Magazine in 2021

Today there are many magazines and advertising platforms for interior designers. 

It’s important to understand that 90% of the publications are based on personal acquaintance and reputation of the designer that delivers readers.

Also if you didn’t know it by now, most of the “editorial publications” typically go to those who advertise in the magazine. 

There are many magazines that will allow you to purchase an “editorial” article written about you and your business but depending on the magazine size and distribution you might be looking on a few hundred to thousands.

Regardless if you pay or get awarded with those publications, its important to know there’s a high bar when it comes to the visuals those magazines will accept and your photography and photos level is crucial if not an ultimate barrier on the way to get published. 

angled photos are the most hard to keep straight.

Modern Master Bedroom
Modern Master Bedroom
Kiton Retail Store in Las Vegas Photographer
Kiton Retail Store in Las Vegas Photographer

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Modern Luxury Home Office
Modern Luxury Home Office

Here are a few tips on how to get published: 

First thing you need to do, is to document each and every project, big or small, significant or not in a professional manner,.

There’s no replacement for first impressions neither you would like or able to go back and re-capture the project, so choose your interior design photographer wisely.

Different people have different taste and also a different budget. It’s important that your portfolio would have the diversity and also it should be aiming for what you want to do in the future and not tomorrow. 

Remember you act now on work and clients you want to have in a few years and not today.

Second, establish a relationship with editors and journalist in advance, don’t wait for your project to start getting to know everyone, do more than that by exploring not only “interior design magazines” but also real estate, kitchen and bath, construction, smart home and so on.

You can reach out to them trough social media (Facebook or LinkedIn) and also reach out to the editors trough email via the magazine website, believe  it or not, if you bring them value they will be more than happy to work with you.

Third, Always remember magazines like to be exclusive, at bare minimum after they publish it first. At this time you would need to choose if it worth the wait of getting published vs. starting to market your project yourself, as some magazines will take 4-5 months until they publish and sometime you might fall in between.

Magazines have a-lot to handle, a great wait to increase your publication chances is to write a base frame for your project. Send them a 400 words summery with stunning images, sometimes this will do half of the job for them and it will make it easier to get published and save them resource.

4th – Think ahead, Christmas is in few months? Maybe Easter or even Summer is on the way. Create a theme photoshoot to help magazines bring value to their readers. For example add some Christmas decoration, Tree ordainments and capture another shoot of the living room with this setup. 

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Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen

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Fifth – Collaborate with big vendor in your photoshoots, big vendors like countertops, kitchens or even big architecture firms have more tools and connections to the media so collaborate and work together.

Sometimes big corporates are doing paid advertising, if you bring a high-end photos and use this collaboration to leverage them and you, don’t forget it serves the interest as-well as they can promote a real project and not just an advertising ad.

Sixth – Did you ever dream to be on the cover? That’s great but! Been on the cover require a portrait image of your project rather than landscape orientation. 

Believe it or not, many designers don’t request their photographer to do a portrait orientation.

8th – If you get published online try to include your website link in that article under those keywords that describe you best. 

For example, if I get published in a Berlin, Germany area architectural magazine, I would request my website link will include the text “ Berlin, Germany Interior Design Photographer “ this will help establish your authority trough search engines in the future.

The same applies for other regions such as Munich Magazine, I would request that the link title would be Munich Interior Design Photographer, you get the idea, and this can be done selectively depending on the article and the magazine content.

Also you can collaborate with your partners writing a informational and advertising free blog posts. It can also highly impact about establishing your professional author even if it’s not a major media outlet.

Luxury Red Modern Bathroom
Luxury Red Modern Bathroom

9th – If you can’t get published, publish yourself, reach out to bloggers, small magazines or even go international, other countries’ magazines and bloggers love content collaboration.

As before offer to write original content, don’t just send everyone the same article as eventually it will impact your SEO and theirs as well, due to duplicate content.

Ten! – Think in-house your vendors can generate great exposure for you, if you work with an upscale interior design photographer or maybe a kitchen company that has hundreds and thousands of website views each month, collaborate with them to host a blog post in your website. 

Hosting blog articles written by your vendors could help you when they promote their agenda and projects bringing you more exposure and more potential business.

Believe it or not, the advertising value can sometimes be grater than big magazines as you can actually control the article and the search engines love genuine articles from related industry fellow.

Also, Remember! Getting published is all about giving the readers value, information and interest, it is not about how great your design is, think as a reader, not as a writer.

Big Luxury Modern Kitchen
Big Luxury Kitchen

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