The Secrets behind Luxury Homes Photography

Understanding Luxury home

Photographing a luxury home no matter if it’s in Manhattan, New York or Beverly Hills, CA is the same. 

The look, clients and location might be different, but the goal remains the same, and the name of the game is a lifestyle.

When architectural and interior design photographer assigned to capture a multi-million dollar apartment or a house, their goal is to capture the lifestyle.

We no longer look at the “real estate” side of things, we focus on the experience and lifestyle of the space and the client.

One thing ties New York, LA and anywhere in the world, Is the lifestyle that our client gets when owning, designing or building a ultra high-end home.

Clients type matters

Although our goal is common, it also depends on who is the client, it can be the developer, architect, designer, luxury broker or even the client himself.

We approach each one different in terms of focus. 

The architect may want to focus on the architectural elements while the designer would like to keep the focus on the interior. 

The developer would like to see the surrounding areas while the luxury agent would like to focus on privacy.

At the end of the day all of your clients want to see the same, they want to see how the architecture ties to the interior design and also to the environment and soundings.

Making sure to tie all of those aspects in to single well thought image is crucial for leading the industry and capturing more potential clients.

Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room
Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room

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Scouting the space

No matter how many luxury homes we photographed around the world, it all start with the understanding of the client and space. 

Starting from the entrance and going trough the entire home, is crucial to understand the work, craftsmanship, detail, uniqueness, and scope of work.

During the scouting process we would understand better the space, this will help us determine the angels and shoots we are going to produce.

Exterior Images

A good place to start is always at the exterior in the day time, between the front and the back capturing the architecture even if the client is an interior designer, it’s important for the “big picture” to capture the exterior.

If the client is an architect or a developer we might spend more time outside and focus on the architecture or the environment.

Photographing the exterior is also important for the designers as a kitchen can be anywhere, having visuals of the architecture as well create “start to finish” project in photos allowing your clients to understand the scope of the projects you are working on.

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Main Spaces

Cover the basics is always important, Starting with the living room, moving to the kitchen, and then the master bed and master bathroom is a must for any high-end home.

While photographing high-end home you need to priorities based on the number of working days. 

What is considered a key-space and what can be captured in a later time.

Each home has a living room, kitchen, master bed and master bathroom, those are the minimum images you need to showcase a project.

But when we are talking about luxury we have so much more space we need to take in mind including appliances, design elements, artwork and more.

Make sure you focus on one great shoot per space, make it create a feeling. ” I want to wake up in this room every day ” or ” I want to entertain in this space” creating emotion with photos are crucial for elevating your photos from beautiful images to images that sells.

New York Upscale Living Room
New York Upscale Living Room

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As we already know, lifestyle is the key, and here is where the amenities and the location come to play. 

First we incorporate the views from the living room or master bedroom, it’s a part of luxury lifestyle experience, as they always say in real estate “ location, location, location “.

Second is the actual amenities tied to the lifestyle experience, from the pool, bars, gym and maybe even spa and golf features.

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One thing that ties all high-end homes, both in New York and to Los Angels is the entertainment features. 

Photographing the home theatre, bars, living room and entertaining room, out door space and terraces are important to express the lifestyle.

Luxury Amenities are the ones that elevates your clients experience.


While one of the things we are most known for is our twilight exterior shoot, not every space screams exterior lavishness. 

For custom homes we definitely finish the day with an amazing twilight shoot from the front or the backside of the home.

Ascaya Luxury Modern Custom Inspiration Home
Ascaya Luxury Modern Custom Inspiration Home
Hamburg, Germany Modern Mega Mansion
Hamburg, Germany Modern Mega Mansion

For apartments we do the same unless a rooftop view or a living room view at dusk reflects best the views in hand.

The twilight may be called by many as the “Hero Shoot” as it combines both creative lighting, advance photography and post production for creating those “mood architecture images”.

They are the ones that most of the time professionals and advertisers will use them for the main feature photo.

Post Production / Editing

Every successful photoshoot must be refined and polished in the studio.

After capturing multiple images of ambient and artificial lighting for each and everyone of the space we must bring them to the post production and editing studio.

We start by building multiple layers of images to eventually look striking and most importantly genuine.

Cleaning out distractions, fine-tuning the colors and improving other elements.

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