Photographing Luxury New York Apartment

When our client was looking for a New York Interior Design Photographer he was looking for someone that can elevate and renew their portfolio.

Once I saw the rendering of this modern space, I knew I could help them match the rendering to a real interiors images.

The open floor plan of the living room and dining area with a small separation of a wet bar to the kitchen in the back. Also, you can’t ignore the stunning views of this place.

The Process: We always start a project by reviewing our clients needs and project details, planing the time for the shoot and the schedule.

Prior starting capturing the space, we always scout the space with the client to plan our schedule and visual list.

This two images took us about two hours to photograph, The interior design photographer job is not just creating a beautiful image it’s to explain his/her client scope of work from vision to execution.

We focused on the modern design, the gold elements with this unique coffee table in a combination with the strong pink carpet that is popping to your eyes. 

In the first image we took the overall approach to showcase the main space and hint to other spaces in the apartment.

New York Upscale Living Room
New York Upscale Living Room

The second image was aiming to show a more intimate view of the living room space with a focus on the custom furniture, unique coffee table, and craftsmanship of the cabinets.

The goal of the two photos is first to show the living room, dining area, bar and hint to the kitchen and view.

On the second, we want to showcase the living room area but also the panoramic view, and show the hallway to the other rooms.

New York Upscale Apartment
New York Upscale Apartment Interior Design Photoshoot

Post Production: After every successful photoshoot we go to our production studio for post production and editing. 

For commercial level of visuals, typically the ratio is 1:1 on architectural photography and post-production.

Meaning for ever one photography day we need about another day of work in post production. 

This allows us to craft, clean and tune the image, balance the colors and export it for different medias. 

Although we showcased two images, we photographed the whole day to capture another 4 images of the master bedroom and bathroom, and guest rooms as well, but due to privacy of our clients clients you can only imagine how stunning they are. 

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