How to photograph a Luxury hotel

What you need to know before planning a Luxury Hotel Architectural Photoshoot

Planning an architectural, interior design or lifestyle shoot for a hotel don’t have to be a complicated task.

It dose not matter where your hotel is located, in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Las Vegas the common goal of the Hotel is always having the right type of visuals and not only beautiful ones. 

The right image should help attract new and returning guests to come and visit, by having upscale images that will help separate you from all the other options out there.

Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)
Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)

Planning the Photoshoot:

Every great project start with planing and understanding the needs. 

It doesn’t have to belong either will require the hotelier and marketing team more than explaining the needs, timeline and goal to the photographer.

Hotel photographer has the experience and knowledge how to tackle almost everything, so don’t worry how he will execute the job, let him explain to you based on his experience what are your options.

Start by writing a short brief:

  • How many spaces you need to photograph
  • How many images you need from each space
  • What time of the day you want the them done
  • Do you need lifestyle images (with talents)
  • What are the limitation and timeframe
  • When you need them delivered
  • Samples for previous work or similar work you are aiming for
  • Licensing

Capturing the Exterior

Photographing the exterior is the most complex job in hotel photography, the only reason is that you can’t control the light and surrounding.

They have to understand the direction of light and plan accordingly to the shoot.

It also can take few hours to complete one exterior shoot depend on the final results especially in twilight

Hotel Day Time Photoshoot

To capture an amazing day time exterior shoot, we have to work around the sunlight, finding the perfect angle of the building and then utilize the sun for the perfect lighting.

The goal is to capture the hotel with the right angle of light that will include a great sky (if not replaced in post-production) and wrapping light on the building.

Hotel Twilight Photoshoot

The twilight shoot may take several hours to capture, we are starting by scouting for the perfect angle, capture the exterior while there is still light from the sun and then wait for the perfect time to capture the shoot.

Most of the shoots are compiled from several images from day time and after the sunset, when the light from the building shine out, so let your photographer take the time, it will be definitely worth it.

Hotel Interior Photoshoot

Capturing the hotel interior is not an easy task when talking about an active hotel.

The best time to photograph the hotel space, front desk and other spaces is during the night or before the morning.

We always take in mind not to disturb the guest experience by working around the clock.


The rooms need to be done based on the need and availability of the hotel, typically its or day or night time.

Give your guest more than just one shoot, our goal is to show the experience and lifestyle when staying in your properties.

We don’t want the guest experience when booking a hotel to start and end within 2 seconds of viewing one shoot. 

Even if it’s a small room, capture 2-3 shoots of the room and bathroom. This will give your guest more time to be invested in the decision of booking with you.

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Luxury Hotel Suites:

When it comes to suites and premium rooms that cost a few thousand and some time ten of thousands a night and their availability cost the hotel hundreds to thousands every hour the room is not available for guests, This is where our studio shines. 

We developed a small footprint and fast paste of working with zero compromises on quality. 

We can capture most high-end suites within 1-2 hours making sure you have top-notch visuals while having the suite ready for your next guest and then tie all the images in post-production for the perfect shoot.


Hotels has much more to offer beyond a rooms. 

The spa, pool, restaurants, shops, casinos, and many more public spaces are available for your guests.

Make sure all of them are captured professionally, even those boutique coffee or gift shops.

Don’t forget this is part of the experience leading your guest to invest more in your property and making you their Desiered destination.


Your dining experience is a huge part of your offering.

You need to capture in a welcoming way can impact your hotel choice and also about dining in-house and not going out. 

Culinary is much more than fantastic food, it’s an experience of design and culture.

Make sure the images represent the design, experience, atmosphere and everything the space has to offer. 

This also applies for Coffee shops and Bars. 

No matter if you have great brands offering exquisite coffee or Cocktail bar your guest deserve to enjoy the food and beverage by appealing photos to generate the ultimate hospitality experience. 

Make sure to photograph all the restaurants, bars and coffee shops as there is nothing inviting to your guest viewing logos of brands on your website.

Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott Las Vegas
Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott Las Vegas

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Ralph Lauren Retail Store Photography
Ralph Lauren Retail Store Photography

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Retail Store:

Retail stores today provide a treat to the buyers, design is a key part of the retail experience.

Make sure to capture the stores as well, let your guests to plan their shopping experience.

The same “rule” for restaurants and coffee shops are the same, it’s important to show the image of the space and not just logos of the brands as your guests can purchase anywhere and we want to bring added value beyond stay and sleep.

Conventions Center:

Convention centers and meeting rooms are as one when it comes to business traveling.

It’s much more than “empty space” the can be dressed up to  host a convention, trade show or meetings.

With many options for conventions it’s important to showcase your meeting space in the best light as they ultimately  will impact the decision makers if to choose your hotel to host their business.

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