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Getting creative with your marketing as an interior designer

Home Builder Model Home Exterior
Home Builder Model Home Exterior

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Braking the boundaries 

When I first met D. An interior designer, I was astonished seen her work, she specializes in traditional and farm house design, with a touch of zen and a modernist sophistication.

One of the things she first asked me after reviewing my interior design photography work is how I and she never met until now.

D. Told me she want to take her business one step forward, she also mentioned that wining awards in this closed industry is not even possible, as the same “connected” people win every year.

I was telling D. There is no way to stop a rising start, it doesn’t matter how much people are “connected to the right people” and that how much the industry is work for a “word of mouth”.

But the mental and physical barriers of not wining awards, and not getting published may seem impossible.

Trying the same thing and expecting different results

D. Had her photographer for many years, he was a great person and a great professional but something there didn’t work, it might be that he wasn’t an interior design photographer.

From all that noise in the industry, I asked D, to give me a chance for doing something different, and what I already do for other architects and designers around the world. 

Home Builder Model Home Living Room Interior
Home Builder Model Home Living Room Interior

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Home Builder Model Home Interior
Home Builder Model Home Interior

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Home Builder Model Home Interior
Home Builder Model Home Interior

Reviewing the body of work of an interior designer 

I always review the designer’s existing body of work booth online and offline.

I asked what she would like to see different, what she believe is missing and now we had to set the expectation when we as a professional believe how other people view our work.

When two dominants professional working together, there is always a professional collusion’s but D. Was open enough to try different things that might deliver different results.

One of the first projects we worked together on was a commercial space designed for the local HOA, space was transformed in a beautiful and sophisticated manner.

The right type of interior design photography, not just the beautiful one

After our first interior design photoshoot that took a whole day, we produce 8 pictures, in an upscale commercial level way, those pictures you are used seen in magazines of big brand.s

It was on cleared to D why it’s taking so much time to photograph only a a handful of photos, as she used to get dozens of images each time.

The second photoshoot

Our second project was a single-family home, and we produced about 10 images that day.

Our designer-client was happy with the “attention” she got, after all, she invested most of her money on that project and was feeling the gratitude of been photographed professionally. 

Now it’s been a few months since we start working together and this is the time of the year when designers submit their work for all those design competitions booth local and international.

How leave other designers in the back

This year there were 4 categories for design, and for each category, you can submit up to 4 projects, our client D. Submitted only 2 jobs for two categories.

Our clients after 5 years finally won the first place for not only one, but two projects at the same time, the cycle was broken and we are glad to join the journey.

The event was taking place in the big world market event going twice a year and with international interior designer attendance.

My client was celebrating there her wins and awards, while some were asking who made those images, and they replied “our secret weapon”

At that point, I reminded her of our first conversation, about “why we never met before” and the fact that when people discover the path for success they don’t run and share it around.


Renew your branding

The year after I and D. Rebranded her entire portfolio, we went and revisited some of her famous projects, making sure her photography and appearance stay consistent and reflect where she want to be in 5 years from now, not tomorrow.

In our second year, D. Had won 2 more prestigious award, got published for her talent, on the third year more publications, unique clients and more awards were gained.

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Doing it different 

After wining awards every year, 3 years in a raw, the owners of the competitions request D. Not to attend anymore, “it’s not fair” to win 3 years in a raw.

But it’s better than you think, now D. Got to be the authority the judges those awards.

I don’t take credit for my interior design photography, to gaining the huge success of D, She’s so talented that she was always at the top, even many years before she had met me, people just didn’t recognized it before as they didn’t get the proper exposure to her work.

D. Had taken her business a few steps forward, she have taken risks, she treat every project is it’s someone dream home, small and big.

While many designers were astonished that D. Was traveling coast to coast and taking me along, D. Always knew what need to be done.

Creating a Strong Partnership

Creating a strong partnership with vendors, clients and the community is key for successful business development.

Doing cross marketing with colleagues and vendors can be a great way to save on cost and increase visibility.

Partnering with big corporate can be ideal for both sides as large corporates are looking for those authentic advertising methods and not just those big advertisements, reach out, create marketing ideas on how to collaborate.

Offer them for you to lead their campaign, you will produce the content and visuals and they will support your advertisement while back promoting their products trough your work.

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