At Velich Studio we have years of experience in Hotel Photography, Hospitality and Lifestyle Photography around the world, from New York, NY, Las Vegas, NV famous Blvd and Strip to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Colorado and many more desired hospitality destinations.

Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

“Our marketing and hoteliers partners are working hard enough, Our studio provides all inclusive services that allow them to keep their schedule and let us take care of all the production and hotel photography needs.”

The Hospitality industry understand the value of the guest and looking to innovate and provide excellent service.

But today the competition and offering are increasing yearly and Hotels understand the importance of the Hotel Photographer and the added value they provide to the image and profit.

No matter if you are a brand new, after renovation and in need to improve to renew your image portfolio, the quality of the visuals and the experience of the hotel photographer will make a key difference on your guest experience and profits.

The key component, is the right type of photos that capture your guest attention while looking for their next vacation or business trip.

For over 10 years Velich Studio serving the hospitality community. 

Our Services for Hotels and Resorts are available worldwide and specific to the New York, NY, Los Angles and Las Vegas, NV market on weekly bases, maintaining the international level of commercial and hospitality photography that delivers results.

Your professional ,should have the experience, know-how, and expertise to manage in a working environment, at Velich Studio we are happy to consult, produce and create your imagery to make sure your property and business will be best visually represented.

Photographing for leading Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Properties worldwide requires the experience and expertise to produce impactful imagery in a timely manner, allowing you to continue operations as smooth as possible, turning over rooms, suites, villas, and penthouses as soon as possible.

Each space requires different type of photography capabilities.

From Architectural Exterior visuals to the Interior Design spaces and amenities you offer and also the lifestyle images that incorporate the space and human element to provide to ultimate visuals for your marketing and advertising efforts. 


Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)
Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)
Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)
Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)

A true professional would yield a stunning exterior visuals in day and night time to allow your costumer to immerse in the experience.

Also capturing the exterior amenities such as pools, outdoor space, convention center and more are important for the overall guest experience.

The interior space that accommodate the guest is crucial for your guest overall decision. 

Capturing the rooms, suites, lobby, restaurants, entertainment and retail in a eye-capturing photos will ultimately will let your guest focus on value and not only budget.

Our studio also provide full service production and  can manage lifestyle and advertising productions from casting to coordination and production management, saving the hotel and resort valuable time, and agency fees, delivering those lifestyle visuals that showcase the use of a space and brings the human element to the images.


Our studio is also recognized and approved vendor for most brands and among them, you can find Hilton and Luxury Brands, MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment and more.

We know your images have a significant impact about your operations and finance, we are more than happy to consult prior your photoshoot and estimating the scope of work, offering solutions, compiling a shoot list and schedule to make sure we deliver the best experience in the industry.

If you are asking yourself why not relay on your local professional there is a simple answer.

The value that experienced hotel photographer with proven results provide will also bring a bigger return and more consistent result.

rest assure our studio is trusted by most of your pears due to our international level of hospitality visuals and costumer service. 


MGM Resorts, Aria Hotel and Casino, Tropicana Hotel and Casino, Monarch Casino, Atlantis Resort and Casino, Primm Casino, Renaissance Plano, TX, Hilton worldwide.

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