Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby
Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby
Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby
Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby

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Different Creative Marketing Ideas for Hotels and Resorts

How to market your hotel in a different way

Hotel marketing today is not an easy job, the amount of competition is at it’s peak.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 3 star or a 5-star hotel, Manhattan, Berlin or Frankfurt Germany. 

In every place, you will find another hospitality opportunities from Luxury hotels, hotels and casinos, and even short term accommodation.

So what can you do differently today even after COVID-19 (Corona) has struck all of us.

Consumer Behavior In the Hotel Industry:

Consumer behavior relates to how your guest is shopping for your services and products, things like reputation and service became a minimum bar for ever hotel guest for vacation or business as well.

Personally I don’t believe that any of us knows a hotel that doesn’t say they are the best in what they do, or their hotels is the cleanest, as it’s what every one of your customer expects to be obvious.

The advertiser side of you should recognized what makes your hotel special or what is the strongest feature that you can leverage on to incise people to book with your hotel and resort.

Those features could be pricing, location, attraction, service and could be also outside of the box thinking, like getting married, family vacation, music or gamboling orientation.

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How clients buy hospitality services and products and what do they actually looking for?

After we understood more about consumer behavior and that cleaning, service, and pricing is a given and a minimum bar for every hospitality place. 

Let’s talk about how does your client commit to purchases.

Pricing, yes, pricing, everyone has their own budget and every one would like to get the best value for their dollars, but most people would pay more if they could get more out of their vacation or business trip.

The first goal is your property, attraction and accommodation photos, believe it or not, your guests have a few seconds to get excited online and the photos are the only thing between you and them.

Yes everyone again, would look at the price, but after a second the human brain is starting to analyze what are the other options they have, and believe it or not, many people would spend even double their planed budget if you could entice them to check you out.

Remember: the initial game is the value, not the price and not the reputation of the hotel.

You can’t read about the value (hotel/offering) if you never clicked (entice pictures) on the opportunity.

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Hotels and Resorts:

If you aren’t a luxury hotel, you have already a big advantage as you will be the the average or lower in terms of cost.

Great marketing with photos, videos and creative ads even for basic rooms and amenities can capture the heart of your potential guest.

The opportunity is branding with up scale images the rooms, amenities and every feature your property has, this will give your client the value of a “luxury appearance” in an “average market price”

Even if your decor haven’t changed in a while, it doesn’t mean that your client’s experience shouldn’t be exciting and anticipated.

Luxury Hotels:

The luxury hotels and resorts doesn’t have too many choices, they’re visuals, photos and digital branding should be upscale, to begin with. 

Even 3-star hotels using experienced hotel photographer like our studio to provide upscale branding to their property, leaving the Luxury hotels to overtopping those visuals to compete on pricing only.

Again don’t forget, service, clean and quality of amenities and rooms can only be measured after your guest actually staid In your property.

No one reads the text of your ad before they are drawn to look at it. 

Tips for Hotel Marketing after COVID-19

Different people have different needs. Make sure your photos accommodate those needs.

Accessible Amenities:  Think outside of the Box, What about the Accessible Friendly community. 

My best friends and family relatives are assisting with wheelchair and to be honest most of them are more gifted than I am, so why not emphasize them as valuable clients, and show case how they can enjoy your resorts as all of us.

Show exclusive Amenities: If you have a private pool for your preferred hotel guests, show it! people pay extra money and they should have separate photos to showcase their offerings. 

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Did you ever sent your guest the photos of places they have visited or stayed?

What would you prefer for your guests to go home and share their own non-professional photos of your rooms and amenities or use yours?

Send your guests the pictures of the type of the room they stayed in, the lobby, the pool, the spa and even a few unique images of your area with your logo, hey it’s free and they will do the marketing job for you.

Incorporate your guests in the marketing efforts:

Have a great setup before people go to dinner, maybe in the pool area or even the kids lounge, having professional photos with your logo as a reminder is a great way to let your guests advertise you on the way.

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