BTS Hamburg Luxury Custom Home

Photographing Luxury Homes

When approaching to high-end and luxury home photoshoot we must understand luxury lifestyle, how the consumer thinks and more importantly, what make them commit to buy and hire a professional like an Architect, Designer and/or a Developer.

Beautiful images dose not cut it. When we are talking about architectural photography for the ultra-luxury home market, We have to create impactful images that will help our clients (architects, designers and developers) shine above the competition. we are happy that this project got published and viewed by millions of professional eyes and of-course industry leaders. 


Every successful project start with proper planing.

We first understand the client needs and requirements and also the scope of project and their client needs and demographics.

Planing a head the day, time and schedule are crucial for the required results.

TIP: always layout the scope of the project, amount of spaces need to be photographed and also amount of images needed in each time of the day.

Exterior Architectural Photoshoot

After scouting the property I always start with the exterior architectural elements in the day time.

We are telling a story to our audience and it’s important to provide a “walk trough” from outside towards the inside of the property. 

The outside must have one main shoot that incorporate most of the design elements, in this case the architecture, choice of materials the location and other features.

While this angle is less traditional, I wanted to incorporate not only the house and the metal architectural elements but also the multi garages attached to this mansion and the huge driveway to the property.

After properly featuring the front exterior of the house in day time we can now move towards the inside. but don’t worry we will be back pretty soon for the back side of the house as well.

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Living Room Interior Photography

When you enter this modern space you can find one of two living rooms.

I chose to capture this space to incorporate the living room, fireplace, and a hint to the other sitting areas and many windows that surround this home.

While it still was day time we wanted to show the intimacy of the space and unique light fixtures.

The images holds most important elements of the architecture and design, from the celling beams, windows, huge fireplace structure to the elegant interiors with brown schematic of colors


Photographing the kitchen is never an easy task.

Multiple materials and finishes make the our job harder.

As we have a double island kitchen I captured it in an angle to showcase booth spaces and a hint to the wine room on the side.

The kitchen cabinets with bright wood and the reflective surface had to be done with different techniques in order to see the best.

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Master Bedroom

No matter if we photograph architecture in Hamburg or in Frankfurt, there’s nothing more important than the master suite of the owner.

We avoided capturing the views of the room due to dust storm and we shifted the focus to the bright feeling.

You might ask yourself if there is a sand storm how do we get the warm ray of sunlight, and we did this by using artificial light to embellish the light direction

We left “negative space” at the bottom in order to leave the opportunity for the designer to add text for future publications.

Home Theatre

Before finishing the day we captured the home theatre in the lower level.
While home theatre is hard to capture due to their light and sound absorbing material and dark finishes.  We used studio lighting to enhance the dark walls and create a mood of intimacy and luxury. 
I added also a screen visual to match the design color and personality of the demographic potential buyer or owner.
Ultra Luxury Home Theater
Ultra Luxury Home Theater

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Twilight Exterior Photoshoot

Before we packed our gear traveling out of Hamburg and into our next architectural photography assignment in Frankfurt.

We captured the exterior in the twilight, over 150 images were captured and combined to create this image.

Showing the sunset, exterior structure, landscape and a peak view to the interior was our goal.

I choose an “un orthodox” angle to accommodate the triangle shape of the facade and to enhance the structure, with a great sky and little bit post production help it may look like in Hawaii and no Hamburg.

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