Behind a Berlin Loft Interior Design Photoshoot

It’s not your average Berlin, Germany Luxury Apartment, the couple flew their interior designer from the middle east to design their modern yet retro loft.

I have started my architectural and interior design photography day by scouting the space with the “Liat Hayut” the interior designer on the project and her Berlin, Germany clients.

After scouting and understand the scope of work, I planed the shoots Having in mind the renovation and the attention for details I started with my assignment.

Living Room:

Everything starts with the modern yet warm living room, unique concrete wall with hardwood floors.

I captured the space to capture the essence of the warm yet clean design in a very symmetrical way.

Berlin, Germany Loft Living Room
Berlin, Germany Loft Living Room

It was important for the designer to showcase the furniture and the artwork the owner have chosen.

I used artificial lighting to enhance the “direction of light” coming from the windows, as the apartment is in the lower floors and don’t get to much sunlight.

I kept the lights on on minimum to showcase their functionality but not strong enough to cast the mix of colors from different lighting

Berlin, Germany Loft Living Room
Berlin, Germany Loft Living Room

photo credit: velich studio new york interior design photography


While we try to keep the viewer focused on the one space at a time, sometimes it makes sense to incorporate few spaces in one image, it also helps to explain the floor plan and how all the spaces connect together.

As it’s a relatively small loft with 2 bedrooms on a 1700sqft apartment we decided the one overall image would make sense to include all the elements of the design and space in one photo.

I photographed the living room from the other side incorporating the dining area with the great brick retro wall and a hint to the kitchen.

This picture gives a better understanding for the layout, the warmth’s of the apartment, the great wood flooring, and custom concrete living room wall and brick dining feature wall as well.

Dining Room:

While a dining table is a dining table this picture comes to show the unique custom wall covering of bricks and a hint to the kitchen as well. 

This furniture was a custom made for the clients and symbols that although the kids are not living at home, they have a space for family dinner and holidays.

Combination of design accessories that take much more value in a commercial level of the photo rather than yet another closeup or detail shoot 

Berlin, Germany Loft Rustic Dining Room
Berlin, Germany Loft Rustic Dining Room

Master Bed Room:

We all know Berlin apartments can be small, and use of space is crucial to achieve maximum space use.

In this image I wanted to highlight how the designer solved storage space, and to introduce the unique bathroom semi transparent door.

As it’s not a direct sunlight luxury apartment, we used artificial lighting to enhance the work of the designer and create more welcoming and bright feel for the picture.

Tips on how to photograph small apartments and make them look bigger

First avoid ultra wide lenses, going to wide will create distortion, and will hint this is a small space you tried to make look bigger and it is also not the professional way to showcase you’r work.

Second, Use supplement lighting to brighten the room and make it look bigger.

Lastly, don’t include all the room in the frame, this will give the feeling there is more to see, even when there isn’t.

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