Architectural or Interior Photographer – The Difference and Whom should you choose

As a Destination Architectural and Interior Design Photographer working in Berlin, Frankfurt, New York and Las Vegas I am often get asked what are the differences between Architectural to Interior Design Photographer.

First of all there is no difference as there’s no really separation between booth genre.

Exterior and Interior are definition for a type of space if we can define it like this, but not a occupation or genre.

It all starts and ends with an Architectural photographer but different professionals may specialize in different types of spaces, some may prefer to work with architects more than interior designers and vice-verse.

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Who is the right professional to the Job?

The architectural photographer would be the ideal choice for architects to be working with.

I believe the answer would still stay the same, as space is a space no matter if it’s external of the property or the inside of it, however, I would recommend always to check if they also capture interiors as some focus only on exterior projects like building, high-rises, commercial properties and etc. 

Who is the right photographer for a hotel?

While a hotel photographer is usually an architectural photographer that specializes in hospitality and commercial imaging, It is a matter of choice of client preference and not necessarily a type of profession.

With that said like our studio, we specialize in working with hotels and resorts worldwide for many years and it might not be different than other architectural projects but looking for an experienced photographer in the hotel industry is always better.

Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

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Choosing your Architectural and Interiors Photographer: 

No matter of the type of your occupation choosing the right professional is not an easy task as we are not looking for beautiful images we are looking for the right type of pictures that sells your work.

  • Review their portfolio
  • Make sure they consistent results trough the entire portfolio
  • See the scope of work and measure them by the lower end project not just the high-end ones.

Architectural Photographer Rate

Well in general anywhere from $1000-$10,000 depending on the experience of the photographer and the type of project (private or commercial).

At the end of the day it dose not matter how much we charges, what matters is the quality of work that can help separate you from your competitors.

Don’t forget to measure what you pay for what you get, when our clients measures our value they take in consideration superiority of other colleagues, how many buzz they create with our photos, their social media, portfolio, advertising, marketing, competitions and publications and most importantly how it helps them acquire their next client.

There for our clients take us with them to every project, small to big, nationwide and internationally to make sure their portfolio quality is consistent and what works does not need to be fixed.

Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room
Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room

Architectural Photographer Rates in Europe

Prices in Germany, Italy, France and the rest of the EU are similar to the US prices and adjusted to euro. price ranges anywhere from 1,000-8,000 depending on the experience of the photographer and the type of project (private or commercial).


In conclusion interior or exterior, commercial or residential is a type of preference and not a professional definition.

It is always best to check the body of the work of the professional and to see if he has the experience your are looking for.

It is important to make sure they have the experience of photographing all those niches in design, like residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality.

Hamburg, Germany Modern Mega Mansion
Hamburg, Germany Modern Mega Mansion

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